Yes, its a New Mobile Application Generator!

Introducing the Mobile Application Generator, which allows anyone (anyone!) to create an app for mobile devices that interfaces with Priority.

Do SMEs have a big data knowledge gap?

Do SMEs have a big data knowledge gap? That's the question asked and answered by Priority's VP R&D, Leor Barth, in his article in Dell UK's Tech Page One.

Can you (really) steer your business in the right direction?

As a company owner or CEO, you never know if your business is moving in the right direction. "There are telltale signs that indicate that your company's growing and growing well," says Efrat Nakibly, Priority's VP Marketing, in her latest blog. She adds, "A company’s growth can best be compared to raising children – it’s downright difficult to know if you’re doing a good job."

Simple Steps to Reduce Costs

Driving business improvement and reducing costs in any organisation can be achieved by a commitment to Continuous Improvement and aiming for best practice.

Manufacturing and automation: What you need to know

Before we get into future gazing, it’s no secret that we’ve been promised an automation takeover since the early 2000s, which has yet to be a reality for many small and mid-sized manufacturers...Why?

Lean Traceability

Imagine knowing where every piece of raw material is in your plant and being able to locate it instantly. Envision moving inventory from one bin to another while accurately documenting the entire transaction right there on the shop floor…in real time...

Lean Productivity & Continuous Improvement

No matter how much you analyse the processes you are currently operating, the changes you make today will themselves become out of date in the foreseeable future. Continuous improvement is… continuous!

Big data meets manufacturing: Beyond the buzzwords

There’s an old-school saying still popular today. “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” It refers to a familiar scene, usually describing the workplace, where there are too many people giving instructions and not enough people doing the work.

2017: The Rise of Enterprise Resource Platform

2016 was a great year for ERP & Medatech; here we grew our staff and customer base by 30%! We saw the rise of ERPL (enterprise resource platform).

2016: A year of Growth and Prosperity for Medatech UK

2016 has been a good year for Medatech UK and its customers. Version 17 has been through 3 point releases now and Priority Software are in the process of getting version 18 together for the New Year...

Thank you 2016! That was…fun?! Predictions for 2017

Politically, economically and socially, 2016 has been a year not many of us will forget. Meanwhile, over in the business tech world, more companies have abandoned the traditional computing model in favor of cloud-based storage and platforms.

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