About Medatech

Medatech started as a two men’s operation in 1993. Our two main goals upon starting the company were to be focused and to serve satisfied customers. The focus principle was realized through full focus On the Priority system and the satisfaction principle was realized with our unique methodology that led to successful projects and customer satisfaction. Medatech addressed both goals allowing us to expand our business rapidly over the years. In 2019 Medatech was acquired by Matrix, the Israeli leading IT company.

Today Medatech serves over 1,000 customers in a variety of verticals. In order to support the unique requirements of niche businesses Medatech has developed special add-on modules that enhance Priority’s built-in functionality, expanding those third-party modules and delivering better solutions to our customers has been our trademark over the years. Some of the verticals we are currently supporting include different types of manufacturing (Plastics, Chemicals, Metal Processing, Hi-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, etc.), Distribution, Customer Service, Project Management, Construction, and other types of businesses.

In order to provide a better level of service to our rapidly growing install base, Medatech also functions as a Single Point of Contact organization. We provide best-of-breed third-party solutions (BI, MES, Mobile, WEB Applications, etc.) and we also cater to infrastructure and related technical support issues (System Admin, DBA, etc.).

MedaTech has two offices in Israel and also provides Priority-based solutions around the world. We are fully committed to maintaining the outstanding level of service that has been a key factor in our continuous success. Medatech is also constantly looking to grow in new territories by offering new products and expanding its offerings to the marketplace.

Medatech is ISO 9001 compliant since 2006 and ISO 27001 compliant since 2021.


Medatech’s Vision

Providing creative, inclusive solutions for the company’s clients in the domain of Management Information Systems (MIS), with a special emphasis on service excellence, highly professional skills, and a long-term commitment to customers and their needs.



Did You Know?

Medatech serves over 1,000 customers that enjoy the benefits of the experience that Medatech gained in implementing Priority since 1993.