I have been submerged in the ERP world for over 12 years. That’s well over a decade and then some. Like so many of us, I started my promising career as an ERP customer, dealing with the trials and tribulations of ERP onboarding, implementation, pain points and working tireless to… get it right. Sounds familiar?

If you’re an ERP user or work in an organization that uses an ERP system, then you can relate. Life on the customer side, despite its many challenges, was a great learning experience. So great, that I quickly joined forces with the “opposing team.” I became an ERP software vendor. And here’s what I learned.

“But we don’t need to change”
Over the years, the most common scenario is the way in which small organizations (5-30 users) underestimate their information system needs. The repeated conversations I had with company CEOs, CFOs and business owners were always the same, “Why change? We’re happy with our accounting software.”

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Written by:

Eran Rozenfeld

VP Sales at Priority U.S

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