When the spreadsheet first hit our once miniature computer screen, it single-handedly changed the way we did business, saving us lots of time, lots of money and lots of headaches. But since we first laid eyes on its attractive rows and columns that would somehow magically add up, the business world has evolved – and with it, went all the tools we thought we’d ever need to manage a business.

Sure, there’s nothing nicer than an old friend, but while you’ve still got that familiar icon on your screen, spreadsheets are no longer the must-have tool to steer the ship. That said, some old habits are just hard to shake. It’s the good graces of the spreadsheet, it’s warm and welcoming layout that can outweigh the benefits of switching to new tools, even if they’re downright scary. But don’t be fooled. Your spreadsheets can do more harm than good. You’re at the starting gate. You’re primed and ready to surge ahead and they’re holding back your business. Here are 4 reasons why.

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Written by:

Avi Troub

VP Global Sales & Channel at Priority U.S

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