A Complete ERP Software Solution for Manufacturers

One Software Platform for all business transactions.

Thousands of manufacturers around the world rely on Priority ERP to gain:

  • An integrated view with full visibility of product lines
  • Improved customer relationship management
  • Seamless synchronisation, from engineering to production
  • Real-time alerts at every stage

Medatech provides the support, implementation and development team as your needs grow – from a single consultant to a team of specialists. As your business grows, Priority ERP will scale with it on a single, robust, upgradable platform.

Priority gives you the tools to optimise your entire manufacturing process. With production planning, compliance, process scheduling and supply chain management Priority will reduce your costs whilst increasing business relationships and profit. Real-time data at your fingertips, to make better management decisions. A scalable ERP system ready to grow with you and update as the future changes.

Jumpstart the digital transformation in your business with Priority and see positive ROI that can help accelerate your business growth.

Modules Included

Comprehensive control for managing and monitoring work-in-process on the shop floor. Keep track of all manufacturing information in real time. Creates shop floor work cells, work calendars, periodic single work stoppages. Departments, operations and work cells with part or operation can be defined.

The cornerstone of successful manufacturing is inventory control. Viable inventory control means reducing inventory costs and enhancing tracking and traceability, maintaining tight control on inventory replenishment.  Priority Includes suppliers and subcontractors, item certificates, multiple currency price lists together with purchase requisitions and authorisation process.

Comprehensive, advanced material requirements planning and advanced planning and scheduling. Priority’s MRP functionality determines material requirements based on sales orders, open work orders or frequency of need. Finite capacity allows the most effective use of manufacturing resources.

Priority’s Serial and Lot Tracking ensures reliable management of material and product traceability through every stage of the supply chain – from receipt of initial raw materials through delivery to your end-customer. Control all parts as they move through the manufacturing process and track serialised parts and their lot attributes throughout the part’s lifecycle.

Fully Integrated Financials suite includes all ledgers, budgets, fixed assets, profit and cost centres, cash management and financial reporting. Payments to suppliers and from customers by cheque, bank transfers, credit cards etc. Costing for all company transactions including all production activities.

Priority’s CRM Modules contains two elements, marketing automation for managing marketing efforts and pipelines whilst also providing Sales reps with the ability to track the whole sales cycle and aftercare of customers. Lead management, opportunity management, account management sales & order targets, Marketing Campaigns, forecast analysis and reporting tools are just some of the functionality in the CRM module.

Includes maintenance of suppliers and subcontractors data, item certificates, multiple currency price lists together with purchase requisitions and authorisation process. Support is provided for the request, recording and evaluation of price quotations.

Priority BI application and analytics tools are built as an integrated part of the application. Users can quickly and easily drill down with a single click from aggregated data presented in dashboards and dynamic BI reports. Users have the freedom to tailor reports and dashboards, add personalise shortcuts and business metric to allow quick and easy comparison of all data types.

Manages smaller, everyday tasks as well as top management reporting. Management of contact lists and appointment diaries. Human resources complete management of personnel records including holiday requests and approval. Built in an email that integrates holiday requests and other email systems. Executive information system available for drilling down into and analysing operational data transactions.

Access for the system manager to allocate privileges to staff members & edit document templates, form layouts and much more.


Many features in Priority are customisable to meet your specific business needs. Users can adjust interfaces, menus, screens and forms to suit the workflow of their role.

Deployed on-premise, in-the-cloud or a combination to meet your needs. Multiple licensing options including perpetual license, Per User Per Month or a combination.

Quick and easy upgrades whilst ensuring that all previously developed customisations are brought through to the latest release without further coding work – guaranteed.

Control over banking and cash flow activities to help streamline processes and make better decisions, complete control of new business activities, customer relationships, service personnel, buying and expediting to optimise the supply chain.

Gained through a wide range of reports and analysis and real-time view of your business.

Complete visibility of all production jobs with minimum admin and paperwork. Every transaction is user, date and time stamped to provide a detailed and accurate audit trail of business process events. Monitor all the companies activities and get the reporting you need.

Priority has a wide scope of functionality in all its modules and is unsurpassed by any of its direct competitors. There are a number of smaller add-on modules that can be provided for customers in specific vertical markets.

Priority’s flexibility combined with an innovative operational model offers the most cost-effective ERP solution, with TCO up to 70% lower than comparable ERP systems. As a result, Priority customers benefit from on-time/ on-budget project minimising risks and costs.

Priority aims to provide greater workforce productivity by saving time to process work. By having redundant processes automated, users have more time to work on pressing projects & tasks.

Having one central & consistent place for all your data ensures that all departments have access to the information they require when they need it. This improves productivity but also promotes natural collaboration be departments. Priority has tools to make this even easier with the use of integrated emails & Priority Talk.

Additional Modules

Priority Offers a Project management tool that manages a project life cycle,  completely integrated with Microsoft Project. Projects are defined with their attributes, activities, templates, content, payments and budgets.

Maintains serial numbered parts with audit trial for them. Service contracts, service calls, malfunctions and repair reporting and history. Service contracts, service calls, malfunctions and repair reporting and history. Service call activity can be recorded as labour or material leaves.

Web CMS provides the basis for your web presence and it has fully hosted compatibility. It has built-in links with in-house web sites for customer ordering and online payments. It is a template driven CMS to allow you to easily manage day-to-day content changes in-house.

Wireless Shop Floor Data Collection using ruggedised hand-held devices and / or touch screens. PDA/ Smartphones access allowing remote access using Windows mobile, iPad or iPhone, requiring only intermittent GPRS signal.

SFDC facilitates greater productivity from existing resources by providing production management with real-time information on the status of all inventory transaction, reducing the need for lengthy meetings or progress chasing and allowing more effective management of bottlenecks.

Priority’s suite of HR solutions is designed to help organisations automate, regulate and centralise the process of HR management. Key functionalities include application to retirement, recruitment, managing candidates and employees and Personnel files.

Enables you to track the results of laboratory tests and past sampling and to manage the tracking of malfunctions. It also enables the user to extend expiration dates of lots and work orders.

Comprehensive advanced APS with finite capacity allowing the most effective use of manufacturing resources.

Priority’s WMS is designed to serve as the operational core of businesses with high inventory turnover rates. The system automates all workflow, processes and brings control to the warehouse environment. Priority WMS works to save time on operations, reduce labour costs and maximise utilisation of warehouse space and resources.

Industries Priority Software for Manufacturing Covers

From 5 Users to 500 User Medatech offers a complete software solution for your business requirements alongside having the experience to help you take your business to greater heights of efficiency. Get in contact today to find out more.

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“The system is fine-tuned to my business, not designed around someone else’s organisation that I have to make do with.”

Dax Ward – Managing Director