How real is your TCO?

Let’s talk TCO. That’s Total Cost of Ownership and so that we’re absolutely clear, it’s the “TCO of your current ERP implementation project” that we want to address...

Priority Talk – Your NEW Collaboration Tool!

With the recent release of Priority Version 18.1, we continue our long-standing tradition of innovation that’s aimed at keeping our customers well ahead of the technology curve...

What is “flexible ERP” and why you need it?

One thing we know for sure is that ERP software can significantly improve your operations and add real value to your business...

5 ways ERP can boost your company’s security

It seems that every day, another colossal cyber attack on a company, government organization or mega CEO makes headline news... 5 ways ERP can boost your company’s security.

Should your organisation be primed and ready for a CDO?

“Hail to the Chief” – the chief digital officer, that is. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), is one of the most popular management members in many businesses and organizations. That’s right. Everybody wants one.

Are spreadsheets really your best friend?

Manufacturing companies of all types of products face a number of unique challenges. With a dated ERP system (or no system in place at all!) managing and adapting to these challenges can be very difficult.

Nope. UK business leaders don’t find it easy working from a mobile device.

That’s right. 72% of business leaders do not find it easy to carry out work from a mobile device. We were surprised too...

Ensuring business continuity during ERP migration

ERP solutions are used widely across many sectors but moving, rather, MIGRATING from one ERP vendor to another can be a daunting task...

Business growth: How to control and manage it

Andres Richter, CEO of Priority Software, provides four tips for how you can control the growth of your business.

Unveiling (the magic of) Priority’s new Web SDK…

Introducing the magic behind the new Web SDK kit. While we are extremely proud of this new Priority feature, it’s possible that we’re even prouder of the technology that makes it all possible – and that’s Priority’s new Web Software Development Toolkit – SDK.

Yes, its a New Mobile Application Generator!

Introducing the Mobile Application Generator, which allows anyone (anyone!) to create an app for mobile devices that interfaces with Priority.

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