Smart Manufacturing

ERP Software solution for Manufacturing

Priority is the ideal solution for manufacturers needing to compete in today’s market. With native support for complete inventory management, dynamic replenishment, production planning, costing and financial accounting, get a holistic view of your operation and find efficiencies to help you run leaner and increase your bottom line.

Construction header

ERP Software solution for Construction

Priority’s fully integrated construction module is aimed for organisations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management. Companies operating in this sector get full control over business processes required and enables you to manage every aspect of your project, from financials to purchasing and inventory.

Mobile solutions-min

ERP Software Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions have become a central way enterprises conduct their businesses, enabling customers and employees to always have access to critical business data. This is a significant moment in the movement of information for businesses.

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ERP Software solution for Distribution

Monitoring carrier performance maintaining visibility into supply chains & providing accurate & up-to-date information about shipments and supply chain performance is the challenge for distributors. Having a handle on what is in every warehouse, every truck & shipment at any given time, as well as being on top of your pipeline is crucial.


ERP Software solution Additional Modules

We don’t just sell out of the box solutions. We have created additional modules for your Priority system to give you that added functionality required. All additional modules work in the same way the standard modules, seamlessly integrated with the rest of the system to provide one platform for all business data.