What does Social Collaboration mean for Businesses & their Employees?

Social Collaboration is a buzzword that we are hearing more and more often, so what does it mean to have a complete social department? What current tools are on the market to encourage collaboration? And what are the main benefits a company can hope to gain from Social Collaboration? In the past couple of months, Priority has developed Priority Talk, we have delved further into what this means for businesses and their employees.

Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of the modern workplace. Social collaboration enhances this aspect of an organisation by enabling multiple people to interact and share information to achieve common goals.

Social collaboration makes it easy to keep track of any changes made to documents and allows team members to see the evolution of projects from day one. Tagging team members to review documents. Priority talk removes the need for email as the primary means of communicating with team members, so the need to search an inbox for a lost document, for example, is removed.

With a good collaboration tool, there is no longer a need for arranging a meeting or phone call to review a document. The document can be updated for tracking & all members of the project or authorising team are notified to complete the next step. This creates an easy, steady & organised workflow on a project, with team members promptly contributing when necessary.

Increased communication of projects leads to increased understanding of projects throughout an organisation. Socialising their work helps ensure more employees are aware of the bigger picture. It also leads to an improved work culture, when people on a team support each other through collaboration; there is less fear of failure because every project is a group project. It ups the skills of everyone involved because when an employee shows another employee a better way to do something, both employees learn from the interaction. Sometimes the best way to learn skills is to guide someone else and collaboration tools such as Priority Talk enhance this strategy.

Social Collaboration








Collaboration means that the team can receive feedback from one another and easily have questions answered if they are stuck. Feedback will lead to changes in project processes and better the result. Each member brings their own strengths and viewpoints to a project and may put forward ideas that one person alone may not have considered.  Not only does this stimulate product innovation, but gives employees a sense of pride and ownership over their ideas and can be recognised for this leading to more workplace engagement and satisfaction.

Social collaboration is used as a tool for companies to enhance productivity. It will serve as a platform to get people involved and connected throughout organisations, as participants will not have to worry about losing important records/comments while working towards common goals. This promotes an understanding among colleagues and contributes in building relationships between workers, which in turn leads to faster problem-solving.

Priority software released Version 18.1 in October this year. With the new release came new functionality and one of the main highlights is Priority Talk. This is a convenient, chat-like tool that enables individual users and teams to talk about their work within the context of the work itself and helps organise and prioritise these online conversations/chats, to improve both the process and the final outcome.

Social Collaboration     Social CollaborationSocial Collaboration





Written By Medatech Marketing

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