Priority has a fully integrated Construction Module specifically aimed at organisations involved in land purchase, development and residential property management.  With Priority ERP as the backbone the Construction Module gives companies operating in this sector a single, integrated system providing all the business processes required.  It interacts with all Priority modules to manage the whole process including CRM, Sales Quotations, Project Management, Finance, Customer Service and Maintenance. Priority Construction

The Construction Module is made up of a number of functional modules that can be individually selected depending on the processes required. Priority Construction


The Contractors Contact Module Priority Construction

This module manages both the upward and downward contractual relationships between the company, its receivers (customers) and its subcontractors. Priority Construction

This module includes: Priority Construction

  • Managing contracts between company, receiver and sub-contractor providing the ability to record quantity survey (materials required), turnkey contracts, recording index adjustments, offsets, prepayments and lien
  • Change control of material orders – recording and tracking of the change order, supplement, changes of quantities or prices
  • The ability to manage partial bills – billing the receiver, managing bills from sub-contractors according to progress percentage, quantities reported and mile stones
  • Quotations comparison – the ability to compare sub-contractors bids, managing sub level biddings including the ability to upload and download files
  • The ability to manage sub-contractors collateral (including any deposits) and insurance – managing terms, type, expiry dates and the ability to extend or change them
  • The ability to calculate index (inflation) changes and lien. Offsets and return of prepayments in partial bills according to the contracts
  • Back to back contracts, controlling and reporting progress according to milestones or progress, managing price increase


Receiver Module Priority Construction

The Receiver is any contractor above the lowest level in the contractor hierarchy.  This module manages and defines the process for authorizing sub-contractors bills as well as managing the process of preparing the bill and billing the receiver.

  • Enhanced contracts and partial bills for receiver, flexibility of amounts billed and amounts authorized by management
  • Raising bills and receiving bills
  • The ability to control the approved value and analyze it by monetary value, interest or by contract items


Project Management and Budget Control Module Priority Construction

The Project Management Module is not only used to manage the entire project, its revisions and execution, it is also used to create and control budgets as well as costs and ultimately profit.

  • The ability to Monitor and analyze the project’s resources from both monetary and quantity aspects
  • Collecting actual cost from documents across the entire system and categorizing them according to the various types defined per project. For example: materials, sub-contractors, overheads etc
  • Categorizing by:
    • Commitment (contracts and purchase orders)
    • Actual expenditure (Goods received, Invoices)
  • Comparison of budget, calculated accruals and actual cost during project progress
  • Tools for defining due date for every article or resource in the project by category
  • Granular analysis tools that will allow detailed reports down to the individual transaction


Residential Property Sales Module Priority Construction

This module manages both the sales of property to customers

  • Managing the property inventory by site, building, apartment etc. including documentation of planning permission, plot, land registry etc
  • Managing public areas and sub properties such as parking, garage, playing ground and parks
  • CRM web interface for sales reps that can record leads, recording tasks, meetings and registration forms
  • The ability to define site, building, property sale including installment plan, interest, indexing, delivery date, price lists etc
  • Hierarchy for authorizing contracts and registration forms according to price breaks and discounts
  • Contract management: installments, sub properties (parking, garage) and more
  • Monitoring late payments and interest from customers according to the contract terms and conditions
  • Managing collateral from customers and to banks
  • Managing mortgages for customers, government benefits, recording surveys, exchange and completion, property evaluation and more

Guarantee period Module

  • The module manages the guarantee period of the apartments delivered to customers and enables:
  • Building and site data documentation including the customers, apartments, delivery dates and statuses.
  • Metrical management and a built-in connection to the Tenant Changes Requested module (from Medatech Development) as well as the creation of apartments and a link to the relevant contracts of the apartment.
  • Management of Service calls referring to the types of calls / faults and the description of the repairs carried out.
  • Managing the test period and providing various notifications.
  • A WEB application for technicians that allows:

• Service call management. Viewing the tenant’s matrix in checking the service call, and monitoring changes made in the apartment.
• Attaching documentation and evidence by photos and files through the application to the service call.
• Adding The tenant’s signature on the detailed service request form.
• Managing the signed form and sending it to the customer.

  • Optional BI Module- includes a graphic dashboard for managing and controlling service calls, to optimize the improvement of service to customers.
  • Company managers will get the whole picture on the level of service and insights that will enable financial savings and improvement of service aspects.


Real Estate Management Module

Managing the letting process of properties to customers

  • Managing the property inventory by site, building, apartment etc. documentation of inventory, property status
  • Amalgamating and splitting properties while keeping a record of it
  • CRM for managing marketing campaigns and sales opportunities to potential customers
  • Managing contracts with tenants, instalments, terms and conditions, type of payments: rent, property management, maintenance etc
  • Raising payment demands according to contract
  • Raising payment demands for extras (utility bills, gardening, waste collection etc.)
  • Managing contract interest rates
  • Customer aging reports by contract and payment type
  • Managing collateral from customers and to banks


Changes Requested (by tenants) Module Priority Construction

This module manages changes by the tenant/customer while the property is being built.

  • Managing all properties in the building and their types
  • Recording each customer for each property, including dates of delivery and the status per property
  • Recording suppliers pricelists per project and customer credits
  • Recording alternate purchased items by the tenant
  • Recording purchase orders per property
  • Personalized forms for the logistic assistants on site in order to record shipments and deliveries per property
  • Managing additional changes and communicating them to the sub-contractor
  • Quotations to tenant
  • Producing receipts to customers
  • The ability to produce letters to customers listing the required changes


Bidding Module Priority Construction

The module allows managing the whole bidding process from ITT to final quote

Tools for estimating

  • Copy price list from project to project
  • Updating direct costs and indirect costs per bid
  • The ability to manage sub bids to sub-contractors
  • Sub bids for price comparison
  • Generating request for price quotations to multiple contractors from the bid
  • Comparison report of quotations from sub-contractors
  • Selecting the winning quote and assigning its cost to the bid
  • Calculating indirect costs as lump sum or as percentage of the direct costs
  • The ability to automatically burden indirect costs and calculate price according to a pre-defined required margin
  • The ability to fix prices for specific articles
  • The ability to set a price according to “cost plus” policy per section, paragraph and article
  • The ability to set total price per section or paragraph in order that they system will update the articles accordingly
  • A set of analytic reports
  • The ability to manage bidding revisions
  • Export and import interface for SKN formatted files

Construction Module