In response to reduced budgets, cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and social engagement, enterprise management software has had no choice but to evolve. Think about how today, we literally consume IT for breakfast and pit it against continuous changes in human behaviour and the demand for information at our fingertips, wherever we are – and from any device. It’s exhausting!

Not surprisingly, these big influencers have led software vendors to look for ways to disrupt the market and that, in turn, has accelerated cloud ERP. Today, cloud solutions have become so entrenched in businesses and organizations, that it’s a real challenge to find one that doesn’t have at least one cloud system in use. One of the reasons is that there are so many different cloud systems available – and this, of course, includes cloud ERP.

But more importantly, there’s enormous added-value in cloud ERP – for your organisation, your customers, your data security – and oh, your peace of mind.

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Written by:

Dan Aldridge

Managing Director


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