GDPR Compliance

On 25 May 2018, new rules and legislation regarding the collection, storage and processing of personal information with regards to individuals in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will come into effect. The GDPR is designed to strengthen and unify data protection.

Shop Floor Data Collection

Medatech offers an in-house solution to the management of your shop floor. If you are looking to gain the following functionality on your shop floor

PPAP, 8D and 5 Why

The PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) module allows you to control all relevant PPAP data for parts/processes that have been requested by external and internal customers rather than having disparate spreadsheets and databases.

PDF Conversion

The pdf conversion module enables the automatic production of supported documents into pdf format displayed on the screen using any installed pdf reader which can then be used to print or email the documents.

Make Part Check

New detailed report checks the required data for a Make (Type ‘P’) part reporting any discrepancies.​

Packing Slips Per Customer

New report takes a customer number and the final flag status of a packing slip document, it will display all items assigned to a customer on any packing slips that have not been cancelled. The final flag input can be used to hide all items on packing slips that have a status that has a finalflag status set to 'Y' or display only items on packing slips of this type.

On Time Delivery

View details about deliveries based on sales orders. See the transaction that any given order item has undergone. Qty of parts that have been shipped When each shipment was made. How early, or late the shipment was compared to the due date entered on the order

Make Part Check

New detailed report checks the required data for a Make (Type ‘P’) part reporting any discrepancies.

Standard Cost Detailed Analysis Report

New report showing Standard cost detailed analysis, same information as the Standard cost analysis report but including new section for the Labour cost analysis per manufactured assembly.

Office Add-Ons

Medatech information technology specializes in developing satellite applications for Priority ERP, using Microsoft visual studio developing tools. These applications work online with the Priority database for example: E-commerce web sites, Suppliers portal, internal portals...

Web Applications

Medatech specializes in developing Web based applications for Priority. The application execution is done using the Priority database, by updating it online, direct data entry to Priority without the need for interfaces between systems or to work with other software vendors.