Amazon Module

Amazon web integration allows the user to download sales orders data from Amazon and opens these into Priority automatically.


Medatech Information Technologies specialises in the development of peripheral applications for Priority ERP software.

Report Scheduler

This module is designed to send reports that are generated automatically by the system according to pre-set parameters.

Safety Management

This module is used for managing employee courses and training per role, defining emergency teams and responsibilities, controlling issue of equipment and recording safety events.

Interface with Product Data Management Systems (PDM)

This module is designed for Interfacing products, bill of materials, manufacturer data and engineering change requests.

Interface with Agile PLM

This module allows the Bi-directional Interfaces between Agile and Priority.

Recoding Revision Updates

This module allows recording the history of software updates in order to comply with SOX and FDA standards.

Bank Transfers Abroad

There are three different methods for transferring funds abroad:
Direct access (GishaYeshira) – Leumi bank
Traffic – KTV
Hapoalim – Hapoalim bank


There are two modules:
1 – Interfaces to Nipendo – export of sales invoices and customer shipment from Priority to Nipendo which will forward these files to the customers.
2 – Interface from Nipendo – import of customer purchase orders into Priority sales orders.

Password Verification

This module is displaying a dialogue box for re-entering username and password on specific transactions within Priority that require extra verification.

Form Log Of Changes

The logo changes module enables the logging of data changes in Priority forms.

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