The Pharma module includes:


–  Approved Vendor List (AVL) – Management of the vendor’s part information

–  Management of import documents and required permits, and the enforcement of their validity.

–  Enforcement of expiration dates in goods receiving

–  Support for existing inventory report for production program (mini MRP)

–  Supporting sub-batches at different stages in the production process

–  Support for displaying the BULK’s production batches

–  New Printout for Pharma Work Orders

–  A new sub-form of Work Orders  for scales (weight), for the purpose of data validation and weight label printing

 – Double control for emptying bags in the pre-fill and finish the pot.

–  Support for authorizations of reporting production stages (check that only  authorized employees can report)

–  Controls for completion of production through reports:

  • o Mass-Balance  report
  • o Packaging Balance

–  Tasks generator from various documents – Allow defining tasks for each type of certificate