Upcoming Webinars

Our free, 20-minute webinars are designed to help you get the most out of your Priority ERP solution and to showcase system functionality, new features, highlights and everything that is available to you. Get the chance to ask any questions you have at the end of each webinar or request more information afterwards.

Below you can find a list of the next three webinars and go through to the Previous Webinars page, where you will find a bank of all of the previous webinars we have presented. We always appreciate feedback and would like to know your suggestions so please also take the opportunity to tell us what you would like to see in future webinars. We want you to get the most out of these demonstrations, so let us know your desired topics so that we can cater each webinar to your requirements.

Contractors Module

Date: Monday 30th April Time: 15:00

Learn how to manage all financial aspects of the project with an integrated view of full visibility. Get real time alerts at every stage whilst being able to cut project costs and inform the customer of project overspend. See how the construction functionality works alongside all other Priority modules.

Priority CRM

Date: Wednesday 20th June, Time: 15:00

In this webinar we have a current customer using Priority ERP, talking about how the journey of there installation was. We will open it up to questions from the audience.

What can you gain from implementing ERP

Date: Wednesday 12th September, Time: 15:00

Here we look at the benefits of ERP and what else besides this you can gain from having an ERP in place

V18.2 Highlights

Date: Wednesday 23rd May Time: 15:00

Explore the new features that further support system openness and mobile capabilities to better serve Priority customers around the globe in our V18.2 webinar.


Date: Wednesday 18th July Time: 15:00

This Webinar talks about the topic of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation). Used when you want to return a delivery which is either incorrect, damaged or unwanted and how Priority ERP deals with this.