View all of our previous webinars here! Starting with a quick Medatech and Priority Overview, a basic navigation of the Priority interface and functionality and a Q&A session to finish to give you the chance to get the most out of these sessions and speak to the Medatech team.

Priority ERP Naviagtion and Overview


If you are new to the system or simply want to refresh your memory, get an overview and a brief demo of Priority ERP Software in this webinar.

V18.3 Highlights


Find out about all the new features that were released with V18.3 of Priority! Get in contact today to upgrade your system, to take advantage of these features.

Priority RMA


This Webinar talks about the topic of RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation). Used when you want to return a delivery which is either incorrect, damaged or unwanted and how Priority ERP deals with this.

Priority CRM


Explore the capabilities that the Priority CRM suite provides in our latest CRM webinar.

V18.2 Highlights


Explore the new features that further support system openness and mobile capabilities to better serve Priority customers around the globe in our V18.2 webinar.

Priority ERP Customer Journey, ATG Access


In this webinar we have a current customer using Priority ERP, ATG Access, talking about how the journey of their installation was. We will open it up to questions from the audience.

Benefits of ERP


There are many advantages to implementing an ERP software solution. Among countless other advantages, implementing ERP software can improve productivity, increase efficiencies, decrease costs and streamline processes. In this webinar, we explore the key benefits!

Business Intelligence


Getting a handle on data from an ERP system can be quite a task. Most systems were designed for operational efficiency, not analytical prowess.That is where data visualisation can come in handy as it makes insights come alive and communicates complex ideas.

BI and analytics tools are built in as an integrated part of the Priority platform. Find out how it works!

Customer Service Webinar


Priority‘s customer service and support module is fully integrated with all other Priority functions to deliver a holistic view of the customer.

See how to report customer issues and monitor service calls, call assignment and statuses in this webinar.

Contractors Module


Learn how to manage all financial aspects of the project with an integrated view of full visibility. Get real-time alerts at every stage whilst being able to cut project costs and inform the customer of project overspend. See how the construction functionality works alongside all other Priority modules.

ERP Return on Investment


This webinar aims to look at how you get ROI out of your Priority ERP system and ways to measure this.

Introducing V18.1 Webinar


You were introduced to the Priority Application Generator that came with Version 18!

Now, look towards the exciting features that came with Version 18.1.

In this version, we are proud to present Priority’s new internal collaboration tool, Priority Talk, and an enhanced user interface tool, Quick insight.

Project Management Webinar


Priority‘s Project Management module provides capabilities that match and surpass those of dedicated project management systems.

Get an overview and brief demo of Priority’s Project Management module in this webinar.