Gap Analysis

The first phase of any implementation allows us to identify problems, understand demands and define the propersolution from within Priority.

The goal of the analysis phase is to adjust expectations.

On the one hand, the customer has a level of expectations from the system, which, regardless of the rigorousnessof the selection process, may not align with system capabilities. On the other hand there is the abilities of MedaTech and capabilities of the Priority system executable within a finite budget and timeframe. During the analysis phase the two need to be equated.

This operation is done using two methods:

  • Adjusting customer operation to the system.
  • Adjusting the system to the customer’s requirements.

During the analysis, some by-products will result:

  • Plan of time & material.
  • List of enhancements & setting fixed budget for those.
  • Data porting plan.

During the analysis phase, every operation in the company is being explored, working procedures are redefined and how each department will use the Priority system is fully defined. Often there will be a new definition of working procedures, sometimes a definition of required enhancements to Priority. Usually both will be executed together. In principle, the need to work with the standard system as is and do the minimum of enhancements is of paramount importance.

This phase has two main outputs:

  • The customer and MedaTech have a much better understanding of how Priority would be used in this environment. The customer has a better understanding of the system & MedaTech has a better understanding ofthe customers and their business.
  • A final analysis document, which the customer approves, defines the way the system will work at the customer’s site(s). This is achieved by means of working procedures and data flow and by means of enhancements/modifications required for the standard system. If data conversion is required it is also defined inthe analysis document.

We need to emphasize that the analysis only applies to customer unique issues and does not include a full description of the standard system, this description can be found in the product description file. This approach is, again, devised to minimize the overhead of the implementation process.



During this stage, MedaTech executes enhancements according to the analysis results. The modifications are programmed according to strict development procedures that have been developed throughout many years of experience and hundreds of implementations.

Developing according to these procedures ensures the following points :

  • Modifications are an integral part of the standard system.
  • The modifications will not affect the system’s capability of being upgraded in the future.
  • The modifications are programmed in such a way that it is easy to read and understand so any future maintenance
    is relatively easy.
  • Minimization of the possibility for bugs.
  • Modifications are checked and approved by the customer.


Data migration

The Priority consists of built in uploading procedures for most of the software infrastructure (static) data. Other data can be uploaded using specially developed upload procedures. In this respect it must be emphasised that the system includes an advanced data-loading generator that allows rapid development of upload procedures with the minimum of bugs. This operation uses the system’s business rules that are inbuilt within the forms, ensuring that there is no possibility of generating corrupt data by bypassing the business logic.



MedaTech provides the following support services:

  • Reacting to the customer’s dynamic needs.
  • Bug-fixing.
  • Help-desk.
  • Upgrades.



MedaTech will guide the customer in the selection of the necessary hardware and network required at every site.Purchase of the hardware and infrastructure can be done via MedaTech – this is the preferred option.