Medatech specializes in developing Web based applications for Priority. The application execution is done using the Priority database, by updating it online, direct data entry to Priority without the need for interfaces between systems or to work with other software vendors.

Medatech development of applications for the web is done in the most advanced development environment of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. The applications are designed to repair HTML 5 sites and can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile phones without requiring any installation on the device.

Applications are geared both for external users such as customers and suppliers, as well as, employees (who are not necessarily Priority users). Each application is based on existing modules and tailored to the business needs, a description of some of the existing applications can be found on this web site. Additional applications can be developed and tailored in accordance to client’s specific needs.


Customers and Suppliers

Our website enables external users such as customers, suppliers or other business partners to view the information in PRIORITY in real time and execute data updates.

Application advantages:

  • Accessible from anywhere and from any device
  • Improved quality of service and information available 24/7
  • Accurate and reliable data, in real time, directly from the organization without the need for an interface site
  • Savings in manpower


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