MedaTech Information Technology has completed the implementation of its Priority ERP system at the Gordon College of Education, where thousands of students attend every year for Undergraduate and Master’s degrees and teaching diplomas. The project is estimated at 100,000 NIS.

July 12, 2015

MedaTech Information Technology Ltd. has recently completed the implementation of its Priority ERP system at the Gordon College of Education, an academic institution founded 62 years ago, which certifies teachers and provides academic degrees acknowledged by the Israeli Council of Higher Education. As part of the project different modules were implemented, including inventory management, acquisition, supplier payments and finance. The project is estimated at around 100,000 NIS.

This isn’t the first time MedaTech has implemented its Priority ERP system at an academic institution; the system has already been successfully implemented at many colleges and universities in Israel. The growth in the country’s academic landscape in recent years, combined with the growing requirements from academic institutions’ budget and regulation entities demand that the appropriate attention be put on the management, monitoring and computer systems so as to render processes more efficient and to comply with the sector’s regulation policies and standards. In light of these points, MedaTech has designed and developed new modules that provide academic management teams with the most comprehensive and professional tool set possible, similar to that of managers in business.

The unique academic modules by MedaTech address the entire gamut of academic institutions’ operations, such as budget management with dedicated non-profit organization reports for each fiscal year; integrating the Priority ERP system with that of the academic management which allows data creation in and updating between the systems, management solutions for the Research Authority including, among others, the management and presentation of professors’ research budget balances, adjustments for credit card spending monitoring and keeping track with student payments, the academic institution’s service and maintenance, construction project management on the institution’s premises and regulated work processes with the various contractors, management of service bids and more.

Hanna Sarel, MedaTech CEO: “Thanks to MedaTech’s extensive experience in implementing the Priority ERP system in the Israeli academia, combined with the system’s capabilities and inherent flexibility, many Israeli academic institutions choose MedaTech as the system’s implementor. MedaTech offers unique modules ready for and accommodating the academic world, which come equipped with MedaTech’s experience and therefore eliminate any additional development that can often be required for adjusting the system.

This means the implementation can be performed at a low budget and in a short time. The value is immediate – easy and efficient management, professionalism, fast and simple problem solving.MedaTech has considerable experience in working with academic institutions such as Oranim Academic College, ORT Braude College of Engineering, Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel, Zefat Academic College, Achva Academic College, Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv and more. We are constantly keeping track of the trends and shifts in the academic sector and produce optimized solutions accordingly.”

Igal Scheines, Vice President, Gordon College of Education: “The new system which was successfully implemented at the College, has given us the ability to manage the institution better and more accurately, from both acquisition and the financial and budgeting standpoints. The new work methodologies give us complete control over everything that is going on at the institution, while giving us the ability to plan for the long-term, to cut budget deviations and to fully control the institution’s inventory and acquisition management.”

MedaTech Information Technology specializes in Priority ERP applications, in Priority environment module development, and in providing turnkey solutions in the management information systems niche. These solutions include the execution of ERP projects, business portals implementation, auxiliary commerce sites development and more.