The project spanned across several continents and included the implementation of different modules, specifically manufacturing and fashion.

February 7, 2016

MedaTech Information Technology Ltd. has recently completed the implementation of Priority ERP in Gottex Swimwear, the swimsuit manufacturer brand of Gottex. The scope of this project is estimated at 1 million NIS.

The project spanned across several continents at various operation locations of the company. It included the implementation of various modules, particularly of manufacturing and fashion. The latter allows Gottex to manage its inventory in a more user-friendly manner.

As part of the project, special customizations of the industrial Priority system were required for the benefit of the company’s financial management, acquisitions planning, manufacture management and considerable focus on inventory reservation for customers, and on improving supply. Furthermore, changes in and improvements to the company’s operation methodologies were made as well as the digitization of processes that were until now performed without a standardised database. In addition, the project included the implementation of a dedicated fashion module which allows the matrix management of items, and the setting of parameters for each swimsuit or other item, including color and size.

Hanna Sarel, MedaTech CEO stated that “the project was particularly complex and challenging since Gottex is operating in several  continents – its headquarters are based in Israel and in addition, it has a US based marketing office, manufacturing operations and warehouses – not only in the US but also in China, Morocco and Hungary. We designed this project while taking into consideration the company’s dynamic style and tailoring the system to the latter’s ongoing requirements as they arose. We continue to offer close guidance to the company so as to provide Gottex with a comprehensive solution for its user audience and matching it to the shifts in the fashion world.”

According to Liat Laser, Gottex Information Systems Manager, “the Priority system implementation process has allowed us to apply new strategic processes to the company’s operations which brought an overall improvement to our supply chain; it has cut our costs and  improved the company’s performance. The system created transparency in the organizational information framework and has improved our data analysis capabilities, thereby facilitating the company’s decision making process.”