How real is your TCO?

Let’s talk TCO. That’s Total Cost of Ownership and so that we’re absolutely clear, it’s the “TCO of your current ERP implementation project” that we want to address...

Priority Talk – Your NEW Collaboration Tool!

With the recent release of Priority Version 18.1, we continue our long-standing tradition of innovation that’s aimed at keeping our customers well ahead of the technology curve...

What is “flexible ERP” and why you need it?

One thing we know for sure is that ERP software can significantly improve your operations and add real value to your business...

Priority Software Version 18.1 Webinar

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Priority: An ERP that Delivers complexity through flexibility

Read Steve Brooks take on our Annual User Conference

User Conference 2017

Relive our User Conference!view all the presentation from the day or sign up for our recap Webinar on Priority V18.1

Coming soon… Priority V18.1

You've been introduced to the Priority Application Generator that came with V18! Now look forward to the next exciting features that are coming with 18.1...

5 ways ERP can boost your company’s security

It seems that every day, another colossal cyber attack on a company, government organization or mega CEO makes headline news... 5 ways ERP can boost your company’s security.

Should your organisation be primed and ready for a CDO?

“Hail to the Chief” – the chief digital officer, that is. The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) or Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO), is one of the most popular management members in many businesses and organizations. That’s right. Everybody wants one.

Report Writing Training Courses

Join us for Report writing training...

David Linke New General Manager for Medatech Australia

We are pleased to announce a new general manager for our Australian branch

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