“The system is fine-tuned to my business, not designed around someone else’s organisation that I have to make do with.The staff at Medatech UK from the outset of the implementation want to understand your business, and what you want from their system. Then they work towards that.”

Dax Ward – Managing Director – St Cross Electronics

“The Impact Priority ERP has made to our accounts team is immeasurable. Saving us time & resources for more crucial work.

75% of our RRA reports are now automated.”

Margaret Sweeney – Financial Controller – Force India Formula One

“At Hillier we have been able, through the use of Priority, to increase our daily order lines by 150%! Priority has given us the capacity to grow our business organically.”

Sam Morgan – Operations – Hillier Nurseries

“The mark of a good IT company is not what they do when things go right, it’s what they do when things go wrong that count!”

Kurt Sigrist – Financial Director – Rodda’s Creamery

“Training at Medatech couldn’t be better. At the end of the workshop all three of us felt that we had a much better understanding of how data capture would fit into the work-flow of our particular company.

The Hands On approach to the demonstration certainly helped us decide which bits of hardware would work for us and also see how quickly we could capture the relevant information.

At the end we knew we could improve, in real time the control over stock and production.”

Lucy Simpson – IT – SJG International

“Priority ERP has already proven itself to contribute to our sales this year and also motivates our staff too!”

Ben Nemenyi – Managing Director – Aerospheres UK Ltd

“Medatech’s SFDC solution has led to reduced costs on overheads and correcting human error, whilst shipping higher stock volumes every day.

Looking back, I find it hard to imagine how we ever did without it.”

Helen Bradley – IT Manager – Trutex Limited