You have been introduced to the new Priority Application Generator that came with V18 and that was epic! Now look forward to the next exciting features that are coming with 18.1…

Introducing the latest version highlights, Priority ERP V18.1 will be bringing you:

  • Priority Talk:
    • Priority’s new internal collaboration tool that allows you to communicate with colleagues across departments and share information regarding documents that you are tracking
    • You will receive a notification when the document’s assigned user or status changes or when a new comment is added to its internal dialogue.
  • User Interface:
    • New! Up to date data can now be graphically displayed in portlets on your home page to help you focus more on what matters
    • To delete a home page tile, hover over the top right corner of the tile, click the three dots, then click delete. This replaces the garbage can.

Stay tuned for the full V18.1 Release notes document!


Priority Talk
V18.1 charts
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