Need some additional training? Throughout the year we run a variety of different training courses, below you will find our Training Course Calendar. If you are interested enquire below. Prices are £350 per person per day & £175 for half day training.

This year we have increased the number of courses as well as introducing New Topics!

Once we have attendees for a course we will decide which office to host this in due to the demand.

Training Course Calendar 2019

Subject Details Duration Date
Perpetual COGS Overview and setup for running the Post Cost of Goods Sold program to update inventory and COGS accounts and create journal entries for all inventory transactions recorded in the system on an online basis. 1 Day 14/08/2019
Periodic COGS Overview and setup for running Post Cost of Goods Sold on a periodic basis. Each period it will be calculated as opening inventory value plus purchases in a period minus closing inventory value. 1 Day 15/08/2019
System Management/tabula user Masterclass Create users, set privileges, restrict access, manage companies, branches, constants, an overview of business process management, the data generator, query generator, business rules, periodic maintenance, template design and more. 1 Day 16/09/2019
Basic report writing Basic report writing 1 Day 11/11/2019
Advanced report writing Advanced report writing 1 Day 29/11/2019
Basic development Form and report modifications/simple procedures. 3 Day 02/12/2019
Navigation and overview Keys and functions, shortcuts, home page, favourites, main menu, entities and searching, types of entity, help, queries, an overview of business rules/BPM/data generators. 1/2 Day 06/12/2019
Advanced Development Advanced procedures 2 Day 09/12/2019


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If you are after some independent learning, check out our Knowledge Portal where you can find FAQs, SOPs & Videos on how to do certain procedures.