A Complete Solution for Distribution

Priority Solution for Distribution

Over 700 distribution organisations around the world rely on Priority to gain:

  • Comprehensive Insights of your business
  • Simplification of Warehouse procedures
  • Seamless Synchronisation between office & Warehouse employees
  • Real-time Alerts at every stage

Distribution companies of all types of products, face a number of unique challenges. Priority can help your business face these issues and become even more successful. Our solution can be quickly and easily implemented, customised to the way you work.

Priority Distribution, Priority Commercial

Native support for complete inventory management, dynamic replenishment, warehouse management, costing and financial accounting, get a holistic view of your operations and find efficiencies to help you run leaner and increase your bottom line.

Priority’s Rich Interface is an easy to navigate platform with unlimited design capabilities. Each user can modify their interface to suit their specific business requirements and can be developed to include unique functionality.



A comprehensive module that includes all ledgers, budgets, fixed assets, profit and cost centres, cash management and financial reporting. As well as costing for all company transactions including all production activities


Marketing & Sales

Maintains customer and telemarketing prospect details, to do lists and appointment calendars. Multiple currency price lists opportunities and quotations. Orders can be traced from planning to shipment with sales forecasting and a complete audit trail.




Manages items, warehouse and bin locations, physical inventory counts and inspection checks. Supports multiple warehouses with automatic handling of warehouse balances.



Includes maintenance of suppliers and subcontractors data, item certificates, multiple currency price lists together with purchase requisitions and authorisation process. Support is provided for the request, recording and evaluation of price quotations.



Office Management & Executive Reporting

Management of contact lists and appointment diaries. Human resources complete management of personnel records including holiday requests and approval. Built-in email that integrates fully with other email systems. Executive information system available for drilling down into and analysing operational data/transactions.



Mobile Priority

Wireless shop floor data collection using ruggedized hand-held devices and / or touch screens. PDA smart
phone access allowing remote access using windows mobile, Ipad or Iphone, even without intermittent GPRS signal.


Reduced Cost

Reduce your spend on Admin as all accounting transactions are integrated and self-checking.



Complete Control of new business activities and over your customer relationships and service personnel.



Monitor all company activities with easy to use reports and executive dashboards



Complete visibility of all production jobs with minimum admin and paperwork



More accurate and comprehensive project costing


Track Record

We have a worldwide reputation for looking after our customers. Most customers are on the latest release of the software and none ( after 15 years in trading) have changed to any other software.



Priority has a wide scope of  functionality in all its modules and is unsurpassed by any of its direct competitors. in addition, there is a number of smaller add-on modules that can be provided for customers in specific vertical markets




Priority is uniquely adaptable to the specific needs of a company. It is important that the functionality of the system can accurately reflect the business processes of the organisation and change with the business over time. Priority can adapt to the users needs, customised to provide required business processes and developed to include unique functionality


Customer Service

Customer issues can be reported by the customer directly via Priority‘s Customer Service web portal, or by service & support personnel using Priority‘s call centre reporting functionality. Call centre reps can keep track of open service calls, call assignment, escalation status, related communications with the customer and follow-up calls.


Purchase Planning

Provides information for the creation of purchase orders but also provides vital information on the expediting of those orders along with recommendation of how to get required materials on site in time for the satisfaction of customers.


Human Resources

Designed to help organisations automate, regulate and centralise the process of HR management. As a whole, this suite addresses several major tasks associated with HR from application to retirement, including recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, employee assignment and more


Project Management

Provides capabilities that match and surpass those of dedicated project management systems. Project planning supports task inter-dependencies within or between projects, while activity-related reporting of labor & expenses and built-in BPM tools make the maintenance of project progress, in terms of both deliverables and outlays, an integrated part of the organisation’s daily routines.

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