Medatech offers an in-house solution to the management of your shop floor. Gain the following functionality on your shop floor:

  • Monitor in real time the actual state of your production environment
  • Capture real-time data and analyses both employee & machine efficiencies
  • Tightly manage your complex distribution environment
  • Enforce proper workflow sequences & QA steps
  • Monitor machine times to use within preventative maintenance

Core Functionality

Production Reporting

Eliminates the manual recording of information on paper job cards that require double handling and could get lost/destroyed. Capture actual job times separating out set-up & run times allowing you to track down both work centre & operator productivity. you can scrap quantities & details can be recorded allowing real-time decisions with regard to making replacement goods. Non-productive activities such as ‘waiting for materials’ or ‘machine breakdown’ can also be tracked giving essential management information for future decisions.

Production Management

Data captured is fed directly back to Priority, therefore, allowing you to use all of the system’s standard reporting functionality to generate the data you require and allows the creation of business rules. Allow management to investigate the problem while the job is still on the machine & take the necessary action. It also allows machine times to be accurately accumulated & used in preventative maintenance programs.

Production Routing Sequence

Products often have very complex manufacturing operation sequences, including quality & inspection checks. Paper-based systems reply on 100% human accuracy to maintain the quality of the final part. You are able to ensure that all operations are satisfactorily completed ensuring the product is manufactured correctly to the specification.

Warehouse & Inventory Control

Good receipt, warehouse & dispatch transactions are processed through Priority allowing them to be automated. Scanning a barcoded purchase order e.g. verified which ill place goods into stock in received & quantified real time. Reduces the need for manual paper systems & the time lag between goods arriving & actually being available in stock for use. Takes into accounts serial or lot number traceability where required.


Facilities work, hand in glove with the WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) module for complex distribution requirement. Allows inventory management rules to be maintained & waves of transactions to be managed across all warehouse staff.

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