There are a number of business benefits that our customers enjoy with a Priority ERP implementation. Priority is a mature product that has been developed for over thirty years to reach a market leading level of functionality. This means that Priority Customers are secure in the knowledge that as their business grows, Priority has the breadth of functionality to meet all their needs.

Priority has been marketed worldwide by Medatech UK for over fifteen years, with more than 8000 customers using Priority across 40 countries around the world, some with over 1000 users.

But why…???

Ease Of Upgrade

Priority uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure easy use & management of the application. The upgrading capability makes it quick and easy whilst ensuring all previous developed customisations are brought through to the latest release without further coding work – guaranteed.


Priority has a very wide scope of functionality in all of it’s modules and is unsurpassed by an of it’s direct competition in its breadth of functionality. In additon there are a number of smaller add-on modules that can be provided for customers in specific vertical markets.

Track Record

We’re very proud of our worldwide reputation for looking after our customers. Most of them are on the latest release of the software and none have freely chosen to move to another product post implementation. Our UK users are all enthusiastic advocates of the software and are happy to act as references.

Tracebility & Audit Trail

Every Priority transaction can be user, date and time stamped to provide an acuurate audit trail of events. Conformance other regulatory information can be linked to all business processes.


It’s important that the functionality of the system can accurately reflect the business processes of the organisation and change with the business over time. Priority can be adapted to specific user needs, customised to provide require business processes and developed to include unique functionality.

Ease of Use

It is important to ensure that all your staff, not just those in the office, can access Priority. This means that those in more hostile environments and those working remotely can have real-time access to your IT systems. Priority provides this access.

Mobile Solutions

The privilege mechanism ensures security & assists in excluding screens & reports that are not relevant to individual users. Navigation tools allow easy & speedy access to all related areas of the system without reversions to the menu.

Management Information

Unlike many systems, Priority has an inbuilt Executive Information System which provides graphical charting and drill-down capabilities to all of the base level information. Also, it links with Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Outlook & Project) which are comprehensive, seamless and two-way.

Cost Effectiveness

Such a breadth of functionality and a very aggressive pricing policy means that Priority has the best cost-performance ratio of any system

On Premise Or Hosted

We have excellent partnerships with hosting providers so that we can bring the most cost-effective cloud solutions to our customers. This allows us to price the solution on a subscription basis if it is require.

Cross Platform

Use across computing platforms including Unix, Windows and Macintosh. Accessible on PC, laptop, tablet & smartphone hardware, providing you with truly anytime, anywhere access to your business data.


Backed by 30 years of experience and expertise, Priority has earned its reputation as the ERP solution of choice.

Web Based Tools

There is an in-built web interface to allow customers/suppliers to request information, orders, quotations, support etc. We also have much experiance of integrating Priority with our customers own websites.


A single integrated solution to serve all your business needs- no interface require. Priority delivers dedicated, focused solutions across a number of industries.


Priority‘s flexibility combined with an innovative commercial and operational model offers the most cost-effective ERP solution on the market today, with TCO up to 70% lower than comparable ERP systems. As a result, Priority customers benefit from on-time/on-budget projects, minimising risks and costs.