Priority Zoom

Not Sold in the UK

Priority Zoom is an on-demand business management tool specifically designed for small businesses. It provides small businesses with up to 10 users an integrated, comprehensive, easy and accessible solution to manage their business.

With Priority Zoom, you can manage all aspects of your small business, from financials and inventory to sales and customer relationships. When your company grows, Priority will grow with it. Medatech will effortlessly transition from Priority Zoom to other Priority Packages.


Cloud ERP

All Priority products are available both on-premise and in a SaaS model on our cloud platform. Our cloud platform provides organisations with a secure and risk-free environment, immune to the virus and Trojan horse attacks – required in order to keep your sensitive business data safe. With Priority’s cloud platform, you can cut your organisation’s IT expenses by reducing the financial and workforce.


Start Working Today

You can be managing your business with Priority Zoom within just a few hours… The short and easy implementation process requires no development skills. The user interface is friendly and intuitive. You will never understand how you managed without it!

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Growing With You

You don’t need to compromise on functionality just because you are not yet a big business. Priority Zoom, the “little sister” of Priority Pro, enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a mature and comprehensive ERP with the simplicity of a young business. You can start with as few as 2 users. Once you grow, you can seamlessly and easily upgrade to Priority Pro with more users…