All Priority Products Are Available in the Cloud (SaaS) or On-Premise

Priority on the Cloud

As one of the first ERP software vendors to fully support SaaS, today, Priority boasts over 1,000 customers successfully running Priority ERP on the cloud. With a fast, seamless migration process, Priority’s cloud-based ERP solutions offer numerous benefits, fast becoming the solution of choice for small to medium businesses. The cloud platform provides a secure and risk-free environment to ensure that your sensitive business data is fully protected. Ideal for growing organizations, cloud-based ERP solutions are flexible and scalable, enabling gradual, steady growth to serve from a few to several thousand users.

What’s more, you can reduce your organization’s IT expenses by removing the need for hardware maintenance and system upgrades. With automatic upgrades as part of the system, cloud-based ERP ensures you’re always using the most up-to-date version.

What is it?

  • Database Administrator performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment.
    Tables and files clean-up.
  • Refreshing and maintaining of indexes.
  • Check and design of capacity.
  • Control and monitor user access to the database.
  • Monitor and optimise the performance of the database.
  • Fixing errors.
  • Checking DB integration.
  • Plan and check backup and recovery jobs.
פריורטי בענן

Who needs it? When is it done?

  • All ERP-System needs to be maintained and managed in order to work properly.
  • Every Day (monitor backups, capacity, performance and processes of Priority).
  • Every Week (integrity check, optimise performance, files and tables clean-up).
  • Every 3 month (manual review and checks, restore from backup check).


  • To keep the DB and Priority up and running, at all times.
  • To prevent data-loss and corruptions.
  • To maintain high performance.
  • To have a recovery option in case of failure.
  • Manufacturers recommendations (Priority Software and Microsoft).


Medatech specialises in providing computing services to businesses in general, and in Priority ERP environment in particular.



20 years of experience in the field.



Single Point of Contact

Medatech Systems, a subsidiary of Medatech Technologies, which specialises in ERP Projects, and the leader of Priority ERP implementation.



Interfacing with other systems.
User-interface – Client or Web customer’s choice
Software upgrades: on-Demand, depending on customer’s requirements


Continued Support

Priority’s could-based ERP solutions offer comprehensive customer support.If there’s a glitch or issue, we can resolve it quickly. This means we work fast to keep all users updated.


Financial Savings

  • No need to purchase: Servers, infrastructure licenses or hardware insurance.
  • Operation & backup management cost savings.
  • Infrastructure costs savings: server rooms, UPS, electricity.
  • Fixed monthly payment, known in advance, and only by the actual number of users.

Availability and Resiliency

  • Access to the Priority system at all times, and from anywhere with internet connection.
  • Orderly backups and DRP systems – no fear of data loss.
  • Redundant communication and network.
  • The Cloud environment, hosted on MedOne Data-center, under Dimension-Data OneCloud, one of the most advanced facility in terms of robustness and security.
  • No worries about data loss as a result of Fire, Water-floods or theft.

Increased Performance

No need to invest in dedicated servers to support often system-heavy in-house ERP; Priority’s cloud-based ERP only needs a reliable Internet connection for assured performance – and you’re good to go.


Lower Operating Costs

While in-house ERP requires support hardware, skilled staff to install/maintain, plus ERP-related licenses, Priority’s cloud-based ERP means flat-rate monthly fees, lower implementation costs and considerable savings on system installation and maintenance.


Enhanced Access to Information

Priority customers want to find the information they need, when they need it. As cloud-based ERP is easily accessible via the Internet, you and your colleagues can access your company’s information from anywhere – at any time.


Increased Security

Keep your sensitive data safe from outside sources. Priority’s cloud-based ERP offers enhanced security, ensuring that data is secure between systems and host servers. For internal information sharing, data is safeguarded by centrally managed and controlled system access.

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