Big data meets manufacturing: Beyond the buzzwords

There’s an old-school saying still popular today. “Too many chiefs, not enough Indians.” It refers to a familiar scene, usually describing the workplace, where there are too many people giving instructions and not enough people doing the work.

2017: The Rise of Enterprise Resource Platform

2016 was a great year for ERP & Medatech; here we grew our staff and customer base by 30%! We saw the rise of ERPL (enterprise resource platform).

2016: A year of Growth and Prosperity for Medatech UK

2016 has been a good year for Medatech UK and its customers. Version 17 has been through 3 point releases now and Priority Software are in the process of getting version 18 together for the New Year...

Thank you 2016! That was…fun?! Predictions for 2017

Politically, economically and socially, 2016 has been a year not many of us will forget. Meanwhile, over in the business tech world, more companies have abandoned the traditional computing model in favor of cloud-based storage and platforms.

Innovation & the Enterprise CIO: In for the long haul

Today’s IT is fast becoming the epicentre of every business, from cheese makers to shoemakers to fiber optic cable makers.

Priority Cloud ERP

Cloud Computing is a term we see a lot of nowadays, so what does it really mean?

Upgrading the Delivery Fleet

As anyone who has ever tried to change a car tyre with a screwdriver will tell you, getting the job done is often simply a matter of selecting the right tools and so it is in computing...

Friend or Foe? The Channel Partner in the ERP World

Friend or Foe? The Channel Partner in the ERP World

Medatech UK User Conference 2016

Thanks to all who attended our User Conference. Find the workshop sessions, morning presentations and much more....

How to Become a LinkedIn ‘Influencer’ in 5 Easy Steps

Will marketing on LinkedIn and content creation on LinkedIn Pulse be altered forever?

How to Turn Your ERP Project Into a Party

“It takes one to know one.” I’m beginning to think that this applies to everything else in my life, except, of course,ERP. But when aspiring to write this post, I figured, why not take advice from a guy who knows? So here it goes.

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