Supplier Quality Maintenance

This module allows to manage all the quality documents for each supplier, including expiry dates, and to drive supplier approval based on the fulfilment of such documents. Re-approval reminders can also be sent from the system when a document is about to expire.

Vendor Delivery Report

This report depicts the transaction that any given purchase order item has undergone. It indicates, for example, the quantity of ordered parts that have been shipped by a given supplier and when each shipment was made.

It also displays how early, or late the shipment was compared to the on-hand date entered on the order.

Payments to Vendors

The Payment to Vendors module provides the functionality to enter, monitor, maintain and process for payment of invoices and credit notes received from vendors.

Functionality includes registration of incoming invoices, tracking/authorisation of incoming invoices, automatic matching of an invoice with receipts, a separate procedure for approval of invoices, where required and more.