Shipping Document Currency Invoice

The shipping document currency invoice module enables the user to raise an Invoice in the currency displayed on the shipping document where it differs to the customer’s default currency.

Mandatory Customer PO

The customer flag to force the entry of a ”Cust’s PO” number before a Sales Order for that Customer may be created or updated.

Exchange Rate Feed Downloader

This module allows the automatic loading of exchange rate data into Priority. The executable downloads and reformats the XML feed data (to make it Priority friendly), and Priority loads this data using the procedure added by this module. This is well suited to automatic use.

Invoice Payment Schedule

This direct activation on the Multi-Shipment Invoice and Multi-GRV Invoice forms Automatically create “Payment Instalments” based on:

  • Invoice value
  • First payment date
  • Payment frequency
  • Number of payments

Quotation Discount Percent Update

This Direct activation on the quotation form allows the user to change the percentage discount given on all quotation lines with the option to override any existing discount percentages or just give lines currently with no discount the new percentage discount.

Certitax USA Tax Codes

This feature allows you to work with the multiple tax codes of the American sales tax system.

Export Bank Payments

The Bank transfer module enables to send the bank an order for paying various payees by loading a single file for outstanding payments.

Create a BACS transfer file from payments you create in Priority. Currently supported banks: Natwest, Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Barclays.