Work Order Kit Scrap Percentage

Add the ability to automatically increase the work order kit item quantity by each components scrap percentage. Either globally or on a per part basis.

Kit with GRV Analysis

New report accessed from Work Orders form to show any goods receipt analysis results for all kit items on the work order.

Trace Lot Use Report

New report allows you to see traceability from customer Shipment back to all items issued to the product or from the work order or lot number see all products it was used in.

Work Orders Due by Week Report

New detailed report shows the quantity of selected parts due for production by week number. I.E. Quantity on work orders not closed.

Issues Per Unreleased WO

New report showing unreleased work orders and the Issues required from stock with the current stock availability. Users can choose to just see work orders that can be issued from available stock.

Update Part Procedure Parameter

This new procedure will update the part and operation processing parameters for all parts, based upon the values in their routing. Therefore, ensuring that standard costing picks up the correct values.

Copy Part

This module will allow you to copy a Part, make changes to the copy (such as changing the part type) and then replace the copied part with new one. All occurrences of the ‘From Part’ will be replaced by the ‘To Part’.

Bulk Disposal of Rejects

Disposes of any stock reported as rejected in Production > Production Control > Reporting Production or Production > Production Control > Reporting Production Details. Warning, if you have stock of rejected parts that you intend to rework then carry out the relevant rework procedure before running the Bulk Disposal of Rejected Stock procedure.

Disposal only occurs if enough stock is still in the Floor (Flr) warehouse at the Rejected status and matching work order/operation unless Company Constant “BulkInvDispA” is changed. NB. It is very strongly recommended no reporting production is performed whilst this procedure runs.

BOM Availability

The BOM availability module adds new “Purch. On-Hand Date” and “Max Can Make” fields to Sales Order Items and Quotation Items forms, plus a new series of BOM availability sub-level forms to Sales Order Items and Quotation Items forms.

These sub-levels display availability details of the child parts of the ordered item. In addition, it introduces ‘Required for Issues’ and ‘Open Work Orders’ fields to the Part Availability form.

Packing Slips by Due Date

This module will allow you to create packing slips for Sales order based on the due date of the order lines. Either run from the menu to select multiple sales orders or as a direct activation on the sales order form for individual order.

Part Average Usage

The part average usage module enables the user to see the monthly average usage of a part within the Part Availability form with a sub-level showing a breakdown over different document types. The user may define which document types are included in the calculation and the number of months over which the average is taken.

MRP Flag on Forecast Orders

New version of Purchasing > Demand Forecasts > Prepare Orders from Forecast called Purchasing > Demand Forecasts > Prepare Orders from Forecast-MRP which will also update the MRP flag on the Forecast Sales Order Items based on a user settable constant with options:- 0 = Set to Blank (even if Part Flag for MRP module is installed) 1 = Set the MRP Flag to Y 2 = Set the MRP flag to N 3 = Follow Part MRP Flag rules (if Part Flag for MRP module is installed).

AutoRun MRP

This enables the parameters for the “Purchasing > MRP for Manufacturers > Material Requirements Planning” procedure to be stored and a new version “Purchasing > MRP for Manufacturers > MRP run with no prompts” to run or be run on the task scheduler and process with the defined parameters with no user intervention.

Part Flag MRP

The part flag for MRP module enables the setting of a flag for any part such that when that part is added to a Sales order which is already at a matching flagged MRP status or when a sales order is moved to such a flagged status all order item parts MRP value is used for the sales order line MRP flag.

See Sales Order Items form MRP? Field: – The value in this column determines whether or not the order item is taken into account during Material Requirements Planning (MRP): – A Y indicates that the item is to be taken into account. – A blank column indicates that the item is not currently included in MRP calculations, but may possibly be included in the future. – An N indicates that the order item should not be included in MRP. It will, therefore, be ignored by the Retrieve Sales Orders – MRP program.