Benefits Of Priority ERP on the Cloud Cloud ERP

Cloud Computing is a term we see a lot of nowadays, so what does it really mean? It’s the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or personal computer. Cloud ERP by Medatech.

Cloud computing has been around since the 60s! So it’s not a new concept. However, it has become increasingly popular in the last 5 years. Is this because we are now at a stage where you can host on the cloud without many issues? Or could it be to SMB’s don’t want to pay out for a server room but would still like that big company functionality? Possibly… Whatever the reason Medatech and Priority Software have embraced the changes and are proud of the amount of clients we now have on the Cloud.

Pain Points before Switching to Cloud

Cloud computing has already eliminated many issues within the business world. It solves issues such as the communication of remote employees, growth and budget management it also helps tremendously reduce the hassle of IT departments.

Remote Users

If your business is anything similar to ours, you will find that not all employees are in the office or are even needed in the office. This brings the issue of how do we keep communication and collaboration sleek? This can be a tricky element to manage as employees in these circumstances feel out of the loop as decisions will come from the main office. If they are not calling in every day it can lead to miscommunication – which we all know leads to far greater problems down the line. There is no better solution than the cloud for this situation. This means that employees and employers have constant access to business critical information whilst having the resources at their fingertips.  The easier you make access to information and your chosen ERP the more productive your staff can be.

Growth Management

You’ve added 20 staff, they need access to the ERP solution and all the drives, but you’ve ran out of server space, what do you do now? Do you A, look into updating the server room? This can pan out to be an expensive exercise costing staff time as well as new Hardware. Or B, look at alternative methods of connecting your staff? The very definition of Cloud is all about adaptability and moulding around your businesses. This makes it incredibly easy to increase access in periods of growth, but also restrict and downsize in your businesses hibernation season (if you have one). Scalable resources are essential to running a modern day business model. Cloud allows you to get what you need, when you need it.

IT Department

Three Words, Blackhole of Budgets. It’s hard to quantify what your IT spend will be over a year, even more challenging if you have periods of growth which lead to increases in staff, who then all need equipment to complete their jobs. Servers and server rooms are expensive to run, maintain and update but were essential to running businesses. Nowadays this is not the case. You don’t need to have a server room to run a successful business, you can outsource this to the Cloud, which gives you better business flexibility for remote user whilst also cutting the cost of IT departments.

Budget Management

Adopting the latest technology is costly. Departments are already fighting over who gets allocated spending, so why not recommend a great cost saving solution? Smaller businesses especially have to watch their spend on the latest technologies, however not having the most recent technologies in some industries will put you behind your competitors and make you struggle to grow at the rate that was expected. If you can have something cheaper maintain and update by someone else then why not? Your Cloud provider is there to help eliminate the above issues regardless of the size, so you can focus on what matters, obtaining and retaining Clients.

Priority on the cloud? What does this mean? We offer you a complete solution for your computing system, without investing in hardware & software but a fixed monthly cost, known in advance. Peace of mind in aspects of backups, security and maintenance. The ability to access your information anywhere, anytime. What more could you want?


Financial Savings Cloud ERP

No need to purchase servers, infrastructure, licenses or hardware insurance. No need to panic over backups not being taken or hiring someone to keep them safe and working. One fixed monthly payment, that you know in advance.

Availability & Resilience

Access to Priority system at all times. Yes, day, night, where ever you are, if you have an internet connection you can access your businesses operational system.  360º visibility into your company. Rest assured at night knowing that all backups have been taken and there is no fear of data lost. We have some of the most robust data centres on hand 24/7, they are as secure as they come. Daily monitoring of servers is carried out to ensure no data is lost.

So why go with Medatech’s Cloud? Cloud ERP

Experience and Professionalism Cloud ERP

We specialise in providing computing services to business in general and in Priority ERP environment in particular. 15 years in the UK, over 25 years worldwide. Cloud ERP

Single Point of Contact

Medatech System’s, a subsidiary of Medatech Group, have been implementing cloud hosting for years and have great knowledge on the Cloud and ERP solutions.


Our System has the ability to interface with other systems. User interface is down to the customer’s choice. Software upgrades, on demand, depending on the customer requirements.

We are keen to see our cloud-based clients grow and we have the experience & knowledge to do so.  If you are thinking of implementing a new software solution that you want to grow with your business, take a look at Medatech, future-proof your business with cloud computing. Taking the hassle out of ERP projects.